Pennyauctionguru blog now offering discount to php penny auction license down customers left with out active licesne is offering to help those php penny auction customers that have lost their site licence after php penny auction ( script matrix) closed their site and their licensing servers. We think this is a despicable act on the part of script matrix and we will do anything we can to help those customers left with out a active site. We have a import script to help import your users from the old php penny auction script to our new software. Our script is being used by most of the big name sites, backed by professional friendly support we will always have your back. Our product also includes penny auction business training. Php penny auction closing its licensing servers may of put you in a bad situation, but coming to do business with us we will show you that it is a blessing in disguise. We will show you how owning a penny auction can and will be as fun as it should be, and make the money you should make.

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