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Our Penny auction software is a completely new approach to auction by incorporating the modern online technology to help your customers through the bidding process. When a potential penny auction customers reads about what penny auction is and how it works, they are usually excited but they find the system a bit complex. If you are looking into starting your own penny auction website, it is very important to create a simple user interface, which will allow your customers to understand how penny auction works and get hooked. This is where we come in.  Every one of our staff has worked as a penny auction site owner or worked for a penny auction site at one time or another. Most of us are site owners and consult for the big name sites. We bring with us real world knowedge. The difference between us and our competitors. We have been doing this for 8 years and all the big name sites use our software. Why? for good reason. Our software is simply the best money can buy. Our competitors will charge you 1000 per month for support that you should be getting for free. Why do they do this? Because they dont want to have to support their own product because it has too many problems to fix.  Our software is tested and handles large server loads ( large amounts of users ) Just run a server load test on any of their demos and you ll see how many users the software can actually handle. Most of these other software venors just take old scripts and rebrand them and keep trying to resell the same old stuff that dosnt work properly.  If you want to buy a penny auction site choose penny auction guru. We have been developing penny auction sites since the very first one. We developed most of the big name sites.


We build user friendly simplicity in penny auction software. Our software company is behind some of the first and best known penny auction site like, which evolved into Swoopo AG. Being the first company in the penny auction software business, we have provided the software for majority of today’s big penny auction websites, including,,, and the list goes on. The company is devoted to taking off your shoulders the technical part of your penny auction website; we write customized penny auction scripts and bid scripts so you don’t have to.

In addition, our PHP penny auction software comes with full 24/7 support so that any potential penny script problems are resolved instantly, without the loss of patience by your customers because of the problems in certain penny auction script or bid script.


We understand the needs of our customers. If you are about to start your own penny auction site, we know full well what it takes to take off and become a successful penny auction site – we have seen it a number of times with our clients and shared in the venture. You as a penny auction owner have a lot of things to cover – ranging from marketing, to acquiring and thinking about what products or services to auction, taking care of the most optimum monetization strategies and so on. In essence, you are taking care of the business side of penny auction, hassling in more ways than one to become successful in the industry. We are here to help you along the way with our penny auction software. This technical side is tricky, but it is one of the most vital components of every successful penny auction out there. If you bring the customers to you website, we will make sure that the auctioning will go as planned without any problems. In our experience, an incomplete penny auction script will quickly prompt your customers to leave your site, never to return. It is very fundamental to give the much needed security to the customer in order to keep him, and to retain the credibility of the business. Here we come in making sure that every penny script and bid scripts works as it should.


The advantage of us being the first company in the penny audit software business is that we know what problems might appear in the scripts and are quick to fix them. Within 8 years of real-world penny auction site-building experience we have come across every glitch in the book and fixed it for our satisfied customers starting their own quibids clones. With the mileage our scripts have evolved and way surpassed the software by other companies because our primary focus is on penny auction scripts and bid scripts. We are award-winning team that focuses on simple and creative software design and works alongside you to produce the best results for your clients. In addition, we provide you with our experience for you to build your own brand, which is very important in penny auction industry and gives you the credibility and authority that is needed by your clients to feel secure in working with you. really good penny auction software can be hard to find we make owning a penny auction fun and rewarding, buy a penny auction from us and you will see why running a penny auction web site can be one of the most rewarding business’s to own.
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